david bray

conductor, composer, trumpet player and music educator

David Bray is a musician based in the East Midlands.

He has conducted a wide range of orchestras, brass bands, wind bands, choirs and other ensembles. He has performed in all of the UK's major concert venues. He specialises in performance of contemporary and early music. He is a composer, author and trumpet player, including natural trumpet and cornett (occasional).

He is a trumpet and cornet teacher, brass tutor, piano teacher and also teaches musicianship, theory and composition. He sometimes plays the cornet (including sop) for local brass bands (Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire).

His experience includes professional work as a trumpet player, where he gained an outstanding reputation in performance of Baroque music in particular, along with standard orchestral repetoire.

David was the County Music Adviser for Northamptonshire for over ten years and has written a wide range of books and other publications on music education including Teaching Music In The Secondary School (Heinemann) and Creating A Musical School (OUP).

Please contact him for further information.